"Let me tell you about the delicious supper we just enjoyed from Katrina's Kitchen... Chef Katrina Clanton FitzSimmons is a whiz and her spinach black bean lasagna was the best lasagna I've ever had (sorry Gramma). Can't wait to have the salmon tomorrow night. Check her out! Easy, delish, convenient and priced less than I could make it myself!!"

Sylvia Guidry
Monticello, Fl

"While playing football at FSU and for the Tennessee Titans, Katrina would always make me one of her famous 10 layer cakes for my birthday. While trying to stay fit – this cake was simply irresistible. I’ve eaten several meals in her home, including Thanksgiving and I can attest her meals are above top notch."

Kevin Long, Center
FSU and Tennessee Titans

"My very favorite cake, in the world, is Katrina’s 10 Layer cake. The flavor and excellence of Katrina’s culinary delights speak loudly for themselves. I want to speak for the chef, herself. During the loss and funeral arrangements for my husband’s father, we were far away from our friends in Monticello, including Katrina. On the day of the funeral, in St. Petersburg, FL, up to Dean’s mother’s home drove a Fed Ex van. Yes, the driver delivered a box which contained that delightful 10 layer cake sent by Katrina. Not only was it a hit at the reception following the funeral, it reminded, us once more, of Katrina’s love for her friends."

Andie Jerger
Monticello, FL

"I travel all over the United States when we are not in Brazil and the Sweet Roll Sandwiches are the absolute best we haven eaten! My family ate more than we should have because they were sooooo good. As a Missionary I cook for 40-50 people all the time in Brazil and I always get wonderful compliments when I serve Katrina’s Sweet Roll Sandwiches."

Kim Parker, Missionary 
Itacoatiara, Brazil

"Katrina, you know in adult life, certain dishes remind you of your Gramma’s house, or Birthday Dinners by Mom? Well I get those flashbacks a lot when I have your meals. I especially love your Baked Spaghetti. Now we enjoy a varied, healthy and delicious menu of dinners and have the time to actually sit down and enjoy them, as well as each other."

Paul Harman, OD
Tallahassee, FL

"Every time I visit, I end up taking home a couple of new recipes. Who ever heard of Tomato Soup and Herbs with Blue Cheese as the main ingredient? Fabulous. My book club can’t wait for me to return from Monticello each visit!"

Kathryn FitzSimmons
Geneseo, NY 

"I've known Katrina for about seven years. During that time I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to feast on her wonderful cooking several times. She is a wonderfully engaging hostess and her meals have always been a complete delight. I have no doubt that her wonderful hostess skills - and good food to match - will be the talk of North Florida as the word gets out and folks clamor to see what the fuss is all about! Sign me up for seconds!"

Scott Gwartney, Esq
Tallahassee, FL


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